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Who Needs Likes? Slack Adds Emoji Reactions

"We’re pretty sure it’ll change how you use Slack," says Slack.

Posted on July 9, 2015, at 12:01 p.m. ET

Workplace chat platform Slack is adding emoji reactions to posts, meaning its users can now show appreciation for their colleagues' remarks without having to say things like "nice" and "awesome" in front of the entire company every time they think something is in fact nice or awesome.

The emoji reactions — Slack's answer to a long requested "like" feature — debut today. In a blog post, the company's management said it believes the new feature — "a simple, public way to acknowledge or approve a message" — will change the way people use its platform.

"We argued about what symbol we would use — a heart, a star, a thumbs-up, a check-mark" the company said in the post. "But then we realized that all these were already in the default emoji set… along with the dancers, the sparkles, the monkeys, the smiling, crying, grimacing faces, and the poop."

Yes, Slack thinks you might need to react your co-workers with "the poop." And the truth is, you might.

Slack then offered up some uses cases for its emoji reactions, including:

The voting system

The "Plus One"

The Kudos

And The Go Bananas

Welcome to a brand new day in workplace communication.

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