When The Senate Silenced Elizabeth Warren Last Night It Gave Her A Massive Day On Social

Her spike comes courtesy of Mitch McConnell.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren was forced to stop talking in the Senate yesterday, but her voice is now booming on social media.

Over the past 24 hours, the Senator has been discussed more on social media than she had been in any single day since at least June 16 2015, according to the social analytics firm SocialFlow.

The data shows that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's use of a rule to silence Warren instead sent her words booming across the internet. McConnell invoked the rule, against assailing the "conduct or motive" of a senator, as Warren argued against Sen. Jeff Sessions in his nomination to be attorney general.

"When you look at a typical day in the social media life of Elizabeth Warren and look at what happened over the past 24 hours, she went through the roof," SocialFlow spokesperson Mark White said in an interview. "It made her a superstar."

SocialFlow, software that many publishers use to manage their social media presence, said 1,124 articles about Warren were posted to the social platforms it tracks on Wednesday.

Still, Warren has a long way to go to catch up to President Trump. In January, SocialFlow registered more than 2 million posts to social media platforms, and Trump, White said, is regularly the subject of many thousands of them each day.

Warren also went live on Facebook after walking out of the Senate chamber, reading the anti-Sessions letter penned by Coretta Scott King decades ago that she was prevented from reading on the Senate floor. That video has been viewed nearly 9 million times.

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