Watch This Sad Bus Driver Get Hit By A Driverless Car And Realize He Can Only Blame Technology

When you want to yell at the jerk who hit you, only to realize it's a robot.

One fine day in Mountain View, CA all the cars were driving along the road in beautiful formation.

It was a particularly good day to ride the bus.

Unless the bus you were riding was hit by a car. Whoa!

The collision made the bus driver very unhappy. "Why I oughta!" he thought to himself, as he brought the bus to a halt.

But when he approached the car that had hit him, the bus driver realized it was one of Google's autonomous cars. There was no "driver" to yell at. So back to his seat he went!

Alright everybody, get the hell out of here while I contemplate the robot takeover.

Video via AP:

Google self-driving car learns the hard way not to tussle with a public bus @lalanewsman

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