Twitter Plans To Release A Bookmarking Tool

"Fresh out of HackWeek and coming soon — a new way to save tweets to read later," says Twitter product head Keith Coleman.

We are working on #SaveForLater. As someone who reads a LOT on Twitter, I’m so excited for this. 👊

A "save for later" option is coming to Twitter.

The company is working on a bookmarking tool that will allow you to save Tweets and return to them in a dedicated section the product, its head of product Keith Coleman said in a tweet Monday.

✨🌳🍉Fresh out of HackWeek and coming soon — a new way to save tweets to read later. Been a top request (❤️🇯🇵!) The t…

The bookmarking option will allow users to hang onto Tweets without relying on the implied endorsement of the "like." It will also allow allow people who "like" tweets frequently to separate the tweets they'd like to return to from those they simply .... like.

Reached late Monday, Twitter declined to comment. Instead pointing BuzzFeed News to its executive's tweets about the upcoming feature.

Twitter product manager Jesar Shah also tweeted an early demo of what this feature will look like:

For Hack Week @Twitter we started developing #SaveForLater. Here’s the early prototype that we put together in a we…

Shah also said Twitter welcomes user feedback, and will be sharing updates as it develops the feature:

@Twitter We want to build this WITH you all! So we need your help. We’ll be Tweeting to ask for feedback, and share…

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