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Twitter Is Deleting Backgrounds, So Take One Last Look At Yours (If It's Not Too Late)

Home and Notifications backgrounds are on the way out on Twitter. It was fun while it lasted!

Posted on July 20, 2015, at 9:09 p.m. ET

Say hello to your new Twitter background:

Yes, this beautiful shade of neutral is the only remaining option for your home and notifications tabs on Twitter.

As of today, the company is removing all custom backgrounds from the two pages, leaving only a few pages on Twitter — such as single tweet, list, and collections pages — with backgrounds. But there's no guarantee backgrounds for those pages will stay around for long either.

"We're removing background images from the home and notifications timelines on web for all users," said a Twitter spokesperson in a statement.

The tweaks are part of Twitter's effort to make its product easier to use and understand. The intention is to make pages with tweets on them less busy and more clear, leaving the important stuff in the middle with no distraction.

There has, however, been talk of a workaround:

If your background on Twitter disappeared like mine, go to: settings - design - then click "save" and it should be restored.

But you can only beat a platform at its own game for so long. We tried the trick here at BuzzFeed's San Francisco office. It worked for a moment, but then reverted back.

And now, as a reminder that you should never get used to a product on the internet, we've posted some protest tweets and commentary below:


@twitter give me my background back, thanks

Alice, it was a good run. You'll always have the memories.

meu deus twitter, devolve meu background

Twitter translated this to: "My god, give me back my twitter background." Jack Dorsey is powerful, but all-powerful? I don't know.


Why does twitter keep taking my background away?

Answer: It needs to attract and retain more users.

I miss my twitter yoga background :(

And it misses you.

Please direct all your Twitter Shoulds to @jack.