Twitter Adds Autoplay Video Module To "Home" Tab For Live NFL Streams

Twitter gives its big NFL video deal some prime real estate promotion.

Twitter is finally promoting its live NFL livestreams prominently on its website.

Beginning tonight, Twitter will showcase the Thursday Night Football games for which it has snagged streaming rights in a new autoplay video module next to the timeline on the "Home" tab of its desktop website. Twitter is currently two games into a 10-game deal, with the third coming tonight. It plans to give them all the same Home tab promotion.

Reached by BuzzFeed News, a Twitter spokesperson shared the following statement: "As we’ve said before, we’re going to continue exploring ways to make our live video content on Twitter more discoverable."

Autoplaying NFL games on the Home tab — beside the all-important Timeline — should both increase Twitter’s NFL viewer numbers and make advertisers happy. Two weeks ago, when Twitter aired its second NFL game, the company reached 2.2 million people, with an average audience of 327,000 viewers per minute. That was up from the 2.1 million that watched Twitter’s first NFL game, with an average audience of 243,000 viewers per minute.

That significant increase in viewers from week to week suggests that the first week’s tune-in wasn’t simply due to the novelty factor. Now that Twitter is pushing the games much harder with this new module, the number should only grow. Advertisers, of course, will be glad their ads are reaching more viewers too.

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