Trump Peeked At Melania's Ballot And People Think It's Hilarious

As Melania Trump voted, Donald Trump took a quick glance over — just to make sure?

Today, as Melania Trump cast her ballot, Donald Trump appeared to take a peek over. You know, just to make sure.

Naturally, people on the internet lost it.

"Don't fucking tell anyone but I voted for Hillary." - Melania Trump

MELANIA: of course I'm voting for you DONALD: I know I trust you MELANIA: good DONALD:

TRUMP: Who am I supposed to vote for? MELANIA: Harambe T: No, really M: SMOD T: C’mon M: Write in “Ima Clown” T: Ho…

@NevilleLeoniers @BuzzFeed - Melania, are you voting for me? - Yes, Donald, I am voting for you - Lemme see, then *Melania sighs*

Like father like son?

Like father, like son (Eric Trump photo from:

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