Tinder's New Look Puts Even More Emphasis On Your Profile Pics

Here's what you need to know about Tinder's brand-new design.

Get ready to start tapping through Tinder photos the same way you move through Snapchat Stories.

The widely used dating app is introducing a redesign today, one that brings Snapchat-like tapping gestures into its swiping screen and lets you flip through someone's photos without diving into their profile page. (You can still make a decision on a potential mate without tapping through all their photos.)

The redesign, while minor, will place even more emphasis on photos inside Tinder, an app that pioneered online dating's now-standard swipe right for "yes," left for "nah" construct. The information people write about themselves in their profiles will be seemingly less visible in this iteration of Tinder.

"If you’ve ever tried Snapchat or Instagram Stories, you’ll be familiar with that tapping format," Tinder's Chief Product Officer Brian Norgard told BuzzFeed News in an interview. "The entire industry is taking inspiration from that."

Norgard said that he didn't expect to see a decrease in profile visits from the new design, arguing people will need to visit profiles in order to get context to write a message. But he also admitted bios were never the core of Tinder.

So yes, add Tinder to the growing list of companies modeling parts of their product after Snapchat. No word yet on whether it plans to introduce Stories.

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