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The United States Of Sex Toys: Here’s Who Feels Freakiest

The bedroom has never before been this plugged in, according to new data.

Posted on February 14, 2016, at 11:01 a.m. ET

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Woman with Shocking Gift

Congratulations, America. You've never been so freaky.

Yes, the United States is experiencing a new era of bedroom experimentation, according to import data from Y Combinator graduate Flexport.

After analyzing millions of pounds of sex toy shipments from the past five years, Flexport's data shows that the country's appetite for bedroom gadgets increased dramatically in 2012 and has remained at a high level since:

Why the spike? Here's one idea: 50 Shades of Grey.

The erotic trilogy's first book published in mid-2011 and shipments really picked up steam in the months following.

Flexport also collected data on which states import the most sex toys. And bravo California, sex toys enter you the most. New York is far behind at number two.

Los Angeles is especially playful.

The city of angels is most popular destination for sex toys in the U.S. You do you, Los Angeles.

So where do all these toys come from? Mostly China.

The factories in China have been busy keeping up with demand. Almost 3 million pounds in sex toys in 2015. Yow!

Flexport's CEO Ryan Petersen told BuzzFeed News in an email he's amazed at how quickly production ramped up in China. "Chinese manufacturers probably didn't read the books to understand why so many more people wanted adult toys, but they saw the signals and were able to respond almost immediately," he said.

Yeah right. They definitely read the books.

As for Europe, Germany cooled off in 2013.

The U.K and the Netherlands are picking up the slack. Thank god for Holland.

So who is ready for Valentine's Day?

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In conclusion, here's a GIF of a man being hit in the face with a dildo during some sort of press conference. They're everywhere!