Shots, The Justin Bieber-Backed Social App, Adds Link Posts, Emojis

Shots CEO John Shahidi sits down for a video interview with BuzzFeed News.

Shots, the Justin Bieber-backed social app, is adding link posts in an attempt to bring more fun, comedic content to its platform.

The app, originally called Shots Of Me, began as a selfie sharing tool, later added video, and today is expanding even further with links to outside content. Today's update also includes Facebook-style emoji reactions.

John Shahidi, CEO and co-founder of Shots, sat down with BuzzFeed News Thursday for an interview about the updates, the state of his app and, yes, Bieber. "If we want to talk about Justin, I think a lot of people were wrong about the type of person he was," Shahidi said.

You can watch the full interview below:

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