Twitter Reportedly To Eliminate Photos And Links From Character Count

Twitter product change reported. Public exalts.

.@Twitter: We're removing links and photos from the character count. #CommunityManagers around the world:

Twitter is set to stop counting links and photos towards its 140 character limit, per a Bloomberg report.

The news isn't all that unexpected. For months now, Twitter has been considering an expanded character limit under the code name “Beyond 140.” What is remarkable is that the Twitter public, used to going nuclear after news of product changes, is embracing this one. Big time.

Here's a small sampling of reactions about the news today:

when twitter announces they'll stop counting links and photos against the 140 character limit

So, Twitter says that photos and links don't count towards 140...

Bir dram sona eriyor! #Twitter, linkleri ve fotoğrafları 140 karakter limitinden saymamayı planlıyor.

Twitter may cut photos and links from 140-character limit, report says via @mashable

Twitter will no longer count links and photos in its 140-character limit.Time for Freep Sports to up the sass.

بشرى سارة للتويتريين ، سنكتب 140 حرفاً ، ولن تُحسب الصور من ضمنها .. #Twitter

Twitter is about to give us 23 characters back and THIS IS THE BEST.

Twitter declined to comment.

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