Dollar Beard Club Is Finally Here

"You sure as hell won't be receiving any f***ing razors from us to demolish your manhood."

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For years, bearded men have longingly watched their clean-shaven counterparts enjoy the service of a subscription company that sends them razors every month for just $1 (plus $2 shipping and handling).

These men have endured knockoffs of said company's launch video catering toward everyone (yes, even Train fans) but them. But today is a new day. Dollar Beard Club is finally here.

Reached via phone in what he called a "bad ass restaurant" in Berlin, the man in the video above, who gave his name as "Chris, the mystery dude, man" (but is likely entrepreneur Chris Stoikos), said Dollar Beard Club launched two days ago and has already signed up 2,000 subscribers — each paying an average price of $15 to $20 per month for its products.

Asked about the possibility of litigation from Dollar Shave Club, Chris said he's not worried. "We did our due diligence before we started," he said.

Dollar Shave Club declined to comment.

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