This Woman Has The Same Name As Donald Trump's Least Favorite Senator And It's A Nightmare

"Wrong Elizabeth Warren. More importantly, please be kind to others," says woman in unfortunate Twitter situation.

This is Elizabeth Warren.

She's a US Senator from Massachusetts who tweets regularly from her @SenWarren account.

This is also Elizabeth Warren.

She is a self-described "dreamer. builder. discoverer." who tweets regularly from her @ElizabethWarren account.

The Internet, because it's the Internet, regularly sends tweets meant for @SenWarren to @ElizabethWarren.

Some are very nice!

But many tweets to @ElizabethWarren are, well, exceptionally mean.

Note: It's not cool to like your own tweets, Mr J.

Note: It's "you're the disgrace!" not "your the disgrace!"

Even The View got it wrong!

How does @ElizabethWarren respond? With a cool head and calm demeanor our politics so often lack.