Here's How Much You're Worth To Facebook

Ever wonder what all that time you spend on Facebook is worth in cold, hard cash? Read on...

You're worth about $16 a year to Facebook.

That's according to the company's newly released third-quarter earnings report, which breaks out average revenue per user worldwide, and regionally — across markets like US, Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and "Rest of World" — as well.

People using Facebook in the US and Canada are worth significantly more to the network than its global average. Facebook valued these folks at about $15.65 each in the third quarter of 2016. That's about $62 per user annually when you extrapolate that number across the rest of the year. Since Facebook makes the vast majority of its money through advertising, these figures largely reflect how much the company is making off those ads it shows you.

Advertising trends change seasonally, so the annual extrapolations aren't perfect. The fourth quarter, for instance, is almost always an ad-supported business's best thanks to a boost in ad spend around the holidays. But the estimates should get you very close.

Here's how much Facebook makes per person in each region, extrapolated annually based on the network's third-quarter numbers:

Worldwide: $16.04

US $62.60

Europe: $18.88

Asia-Pacific: $7.56

Rest of World: $4.84

Some on Twitter reacted positively after hearing their worth to Facebook:

$4 is totally the worth for posts I make on fb.

Others were less thrilled:

I'd like to think I'm worth at least $10

exactly. consumers are unknowingly giving them access to much of their browsing history and app usage for the price…

Whether you’re happy with your worth to Facebook or not, the company certainly is. It raked in over $7 billion on the quarter, beating analyst estimates on revenue as well as profit.

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