Fox Anchors Were So Bored On Election Day They Spent A Minute Talking About Chapstick

"You have a little ChapStick fetish, dontch'ya?"

Presidential election days in the US can be a bit weird. For months, the candidates crisscross the country, pleading with the American people for their votes. But on the day people actually vote, everything sort of comes to a bit of a halt and it's wait, wait, wait until the results start coming in.

During this waiting period, two Fox anchors, Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith, got so bored they pivoted from a conversation speculating about the meaning of turnout numbers (spoiler: You can't read much into them) to a discussion of ChapStick that went so far off the rails the words "ChapStick fetish" were uttered.

You can watch the full discussion embedded in the tweet above, but here's a taste:

Wallace: "Coming into today, you would rather be in Hillary Clinton’s spot than Trump’s… What are you doing?"

Smith: "I dropped my ChapStick — I got to have it."

Wallace: (cracks up)

Smith: "I mean, should I leave it on the floor for someone else to pick up?"

Wallace: "Well, I don’t know, or you could wait till the break?"

Smith: "I need it, it’s ChapStick."

Wallace: "You have a little ChapStick fetish, don'tcha?"

Smith: "Fetish? No!"

Wallace: "I think you…"

Smith: "Do you know what that means?"

Wallace: "What, ChapStick? Yes, I know what ChapStick — it’s a lip balm."

OK then.

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