Facebook Wants You To Wish Your Friends Happy Birthday Via Video

With new "Birthday Video Cam," Facebook hopes to turn your birthday into a stream of videos from your friends.

One nice thing about using Facebook is that the service sparks a stream of good wishes from friends on your birthday, many of whom you probably haven't seen or spoken with in ages.

That guy you met randomly in an airport three years ago? Yeah, he's there celebrating with you.

Well starting Monday, Facebook is adding a new element to those birthday wishes: a prompt for you to share them in a video.

The company is releasing a "Happy Birthday Cam," which you'll find on your friends' profiles when you visit them on their birthdays. The cam allows you to record up to 15 seconds of video which can then be presented to friends with various birthday-themed overlays.

The feature will be available first on iOS devices, with Android following in the next few months, per Facebook.

Facebook executives have repeatedly stated a belief that the majority of content shared upon the platform will be video within the next few years. This is one step to bring that future along.

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