Here’s A Near Comprehensive List Of All The Violence Aired On Facebook Live

Facebook won't identify all the violence aired on Facebook Live, but here's a near-complete list.

Since its debut in December 2015, Facebook Live has been used to broadcast acts of violence — murders, gang rapes, assaults, tortures, shooting aftermaths, child abuse, suicides and suicide attempts. In May 2017, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said his company would do more to respond to violence aired on its platform, starting with the addition of 3,000 community operations people to the 4,500 person team currently working to review reports of violent content and other content issues.

While some of these Facebook Live broadcasts make national and international headlines, many others do not. BuzzFeed News asked Facebook for a comprehensive list of violent incidents broadcast via Live, but the company declined to provide one. So we scoured news reports to compile a list of our own, beginning with the service's debut in December 2015. We then showed the list to Facebook, which said four of the videos did not air on Live. We removed them to arrive at a final number: To date, at least 45 violent incidents have been aired on Facebook Live.

Should more incidents occur in the future, we will update this list.

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