Tinder Ranks America's Top College Football Schools

Step your game up, LSU.

LSU may be good at football, but...

It's no Florida State in the battle for right-swipes on Tinder.

On Thursday, Tinder reordered the AP Top 25 ranking of college football’s best teams, using its data to determine which schools’ students are right-swiped at the highest rate. Florida State — ranked fourth in the AP poll — topped Tinder's rankings. Nice job, Florida State. LSU, on the other hand, ranked dead last. Coach Les Miles, it's time for a pep talk.

Tinder sociologist Dr. Jess Carbino had some advise for under-performers at LSU and elsewhere. "Most important is your smile - people smiling are considered to be more kind and approachable," she said. "So, if you're a football player, be sure to take your helmet off for your Tinder photos - but leave your jersey on. We've found that making sure you’re not covering up your face and avoiding neutral colors lead to more right swipes."

Here's the full list:

1. Florida State

2. Ohio State

3. Michigan State

4. Florida


6. Michigan

7. USC

8. Washington

9. Alabama

10. North Carolina

11. Georgia

12. Oregon

13. Iowa

14. Houston

15. Clemson

16. Tennessee

17. Oklahoma State

18. Stanford

19. Louisville

20. Baylor

21. Oklahoma

22. Notre Dame

23. Ole Miss

24. TCU

25. LSU

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