This Is What I Read And Watch To Combat Wintertime Anguish

This week, I'm mulling over emo music, songs about crushes, and Breaking Dawn: Part 2, 10 years later.

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Hey, weekend warrior. I'll keep it brief. These chilly weeks before the holidays can bring a lot of different emotions to the surface — some good, some complicated. While a good longread or Twilight throwback can't solve everything on your mind, it can be a nice opportunity to give yourself a break.

These are the things Incoming readers and I have been obsessed with this week. Hope you enjoy it.

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Crash coursing:
Before My Chemical Romance: How Emo Became Emo. This is a 68-minute documentary by the YouTube channel Trash Theory that beautifully illustrates how emo music came to be, and how it will be remembered. It does a fantastic job of connecting the dots between new bands as they emerge and the musical vocabulary they borrow from the bands that came before them. This whole channel is great but this particular video is incredible. —Zac

Jerry and Marge Go Large by Jason Fagone. "That’s when it hit him. Right there, in the numbers on the page, he noticed a flaw — a strange and surprising pattern ... written into the fundamental machinery of the game. A loophole that would eventually make Jerry and Marge millionaires, spark an investigation by a Boston Globe Spotlight reporter, unleash a statewide political scandal and expose more than a few hypocrisies at the heart of America’s favorite form of legalized gambling."

Rami Malek’s inexplicable presence in Breaking Dawn: Part 2. I recently had the extraordinary joy of watching the final installment of the Twilight film series. While there are a number of mind-bending twists in the movie, my favorite was seeing Malek pop up onscreen to play Benjamin, an Egyptian vampire who can manipulate fire, water, earth, and air. Today, Malek is a 41-year-old Academy Award winner. But we shouldn’t — nay, we can’t — ever forget this crucial chapter of his career.

“Invincible” by Omar Apollo. I’m having a big love affair with Apollo’s whole Ivory album right now, but especially this track as of late. I adore the sparse drums kicking over Apollo’s crooning, I adore the braggadocio of name-dropping Salvatore Ferragamo in a song about a crush, and I adore the tender admission of wishing said crush would put you out of your misery already. What a rush.

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