These Asylum-Seekers Donated What Little They Have To Italy's Earthquake Recovery

The shelter's coordinator said they wanted to show solidarity towards a country that has shown solidarity towards them.

Seventy-five people seeking asylum in Europe and living in a shelter in Gioiosa Ionica, a town in southern Italy, decided to donate a part of their week's allowance to the earthquake response in central Italy.

The coordinator of the shelter, Giovanni Maiolo, said the centre’s asylum-seekers wanted to provide a small, but important, gesture for the victims of the terrible earthquake that struck central Italy on Wednesday and solidarity towards a country that has shown solidarity by welcoming them.

The 75 asylum-seekers will together make a total donation of just under 200 euros to the response funds. That's equal to each of them giving up one day's worth of the 17.50-euro allowance they receive each week.

The earthquake that struck in the early hours of Wednesday has left at least 73 people dead, and more than 150 missing.

At Least 73 Dead And 150 Missing After Large Earthquake Strikes Central Italy

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