This Guy Who Used To Weigh 57 Stone And Is On A Fitness Drive Is Facebook's New Hero

Larry Evans, you are incredible.

Larry Evans, from St Louis, Missouri, has over 35,000 Facebook followers (note – you need to click the black rectangle to play the video).

Before he began his fitness drive, he weighed 800 lbs (57 stone). He's now just under 650 lbs (46 stone).

If you ever think the internet's a bad place, you need to check out the comments on his page.

Here he is nailing 10 laps in the pool like it ain't no thang.

And here he is pumping some pretty serious iron.

Basically, if you're ever feeling lazy, you just need to check his page...

...and like the man, says: "Get up, get out, and do something."

BuzzFeed News salutes you, Larry.