This Harrogate Man Had A 17-Hour-Long Erection And Two Pints Of Blood Drained From His Penis

This post contains a graphic description of a 17-hour-long erection having two pints of blood drained from it.

Here's Jason Garnett, 23, from Harrogate!

On Thursday night he had sex. On Friday morning he still had wood, so he tried a few things.

(Not sure this is a perfect representation of his emotional state, but it's one of the greatest GIFs of all time so anyway.)

Nothing doing. And now it was starting to hurt.

Here's what happened next, as told by Garnett to The Sun. Presented as a motivational poster to make it better.

In all, two pints of blood were drained from his penis. Leading someone on Facebook to ask him:

Anyway, Garnett seems very happy with his newfound fame, and all's well down there now.

Poor Jason. :(