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Everyone's Digging This Country And Western Band's Song About Not Looking Good Naked

Hello, this is 2014's worst/best song.

Posted on September 21, 2014, at 6:43 a.m. ET

So, this video does not have particularly high production values.

The tune is not what you'd call "a banger".

And the dude with the beard who does the singing is not your classic pop video star.

He is surrounded by a load of hot ladies though, which is either a corruscating denunciation of gender objectification in a post "Blurred Lines" age or he just thought it would make him look funnier.

Anyway, it's been viewed over THREE MILLION TIMES on YouTube.


Well, what's happened is, The Snake Oil Willie Band from New Jersey have released a song and video in which they hang around with their chums laughing about how they don't look so good now.

Here is a particular highlight.

And it's pretty great, depending on how much you like old country and western singers singing about how fat they've got.

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