There's A New App For People Who Want To Cuddle Complete Strangers

This is either a completely insane or really sweet idea and I don't really know which.

Right. So. There is this app, and it is called Cuddlr.

And basically, when you need a cuddle, you use it to find nearby strangers who also need a cuddle.

Here are two complete and utter strangers on their way to meet in a park for exactly this reason. / Via

A totally open, no-strings-attached, guilt-free cuddle. He might have body odour. She might be an axe murderer. NO-ONE KNOWS. That's why they encourage you to make your first cuddle take place in public.

Apparently the app's creator says you can report someone who cuddles "inappropriately."

He also went on to tell the Mirror: "Users can give information about their cuddling preferences such as if they favour being the little or big spoon." Amazing.

Anyway, these two have met now. / Via

Not sure that's quite how you cuddle, to be honest. That looks like ear sex. If such a thing existed.

Anyway you have only 15 minutes to reply to a cuddle request. Because this is 2014 damn it, people don't have time to hang around while you make your mind up. Instant. Cuddle. Gratification. That's what this is about.

Behold! A bright bold future of complete strangers hugging each other in the street! / Via

Is this great? Honestly no idea.

In summary: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯