A Man In China Apparently Ended Up Riddled With Tapeworm Parasites After Eating Too Much Sashimi

The horror. The horror. UPDATED: it now appears this image actually shows the cysts following an infection resulting from undercooked pork.

Central European News reports that doctors at Guangzhou No.8 People's Hospital made a horrific discovery after a man went there with a stomach ache and itchy skin.

They found his entire body had been invaded by tapeworm parasites. They felt it was likely that his favourite sashimi had been contaminated with the tapeworms' eggs.

Apparently the patient, Tain Liao, said: "I've eaten shashimi nearly every day for years but never thought it could do this to me. I guess I'll be staying away from it for a while and hopefully this acts as a warning to other fans of raw fish dishes."

When they aren't treated, parasites can cause cysticercosis, an infection that – should it reach the brain – can become life-threatening.

Snopes has discovered that "the x-ray images are similar to those included in a 2014 case report published by the British Medical Journal that dealt with a man who contracted a rare case of disseminated cysticercosis through the consumption of uncooked pork (with no mention of raw fish)".

The post concludes: "What these images show is the aftermath of a parasitic tapeworm infection caused by the eating of raw or undercooked pork, not sashimi. And what's viewable in the x-rays are not the tapeworms themselves, but rather calcified cysts that were the end result of the infection."