You Can Now Literally Own Jane Villanueva's First Romance Novel From "Jane The Virgin"

Read an exclusive excerpt here.

For as long as Jane the Virgin has been on the air, Jane Villanueva (played by Gina Rodriguez) has been intent on becoming a published author.

She's worked tirelessly towards those dreams: She went to grad school; she stayed up nights; she suffered creative droughts; she took a job as an assistant with a terrible boss.

But midway through Season 3, Jane got the biggest news of her entire writing career to date: Someone wanted to buy her book, Snow Falling. And publish it.

Fans have been wanting to read Jane's book for a while.

I've been thinking about Jane's book in Jane the Virgin. I want to read it and I'm mad that it doesn't exist.

I want to read jane's book about her and Michael's love. #janethevirgin #booknerd

Can I honestly say that I want "Snow Falling" to be real?! I would LOVE to read that!! @JaneWriters @HereIsGina

You mean Snow Falling? Love story of Jane and Michael, but with a happy ending? Of course I want to read it!

And this season on Jane the Virgin, we're reaching the time when Jane's book will be published and out in the world.

And those fans who've been clamoring to read Jane's book IRL will be getting their chance: Adams Media will be publishing Snow Falling as an actual, real-life, actually-existing book.

You'll also be seeing the cover in the Oct. 27 episodes of Jane The Virgin, "Chapter Sixty-Seven." Oh, and here right now:

And if you were wondering, here's what Jane Villanueva's author photo looks like:

The book comes out Nov. 11, 2017. BuzzFeed News also has an official, exclusive excerpt from the novel, which you can read here:


Snow Falling comes out Nov. 11. A previous version of this post stated that it comes out Nov. 28.

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