The Internet Is Feeling A Lot Of Things About Elektra In "The Defenders"

*Kris Jenner voice* You're doing amazing, sweetie. (Warning: So many spoilers within.)

Elektra Natchios has always been a complicated woman.

We saw plenty of that in Daredevil, Season 2, in which she first appeared in the Marvel Netflix Universe as the lethal ex-girlfriend of Matt Murdock.

And we CERTAINLY saw that in The Defenders, when she basically took over the whole damn show.

Given the roller coaster ride she's taken us on, Elektra has left...quite the impression on the internet community. I mean, how could she not?

In Defenders, she essentially goes from an amnesiac empty vessel who's being used as a weapon, to a woman who's reclaimed her body and her mind for herself and her own agenda.

Her agenda seems to be power. And, uh, murder. And love!

As a result, people have a lot of emotions.

me: elektra is so sweet and innocent let her live elektra: *kills 10 guys with her bare hands* me: awww

Like, sure, she's a murderer...and murder is bad!

Elektra to the rest of the Hand: #Defenders #HomiesForHire

"his name is matthew and my name is elektra natchios. you work for me now"

But when Elektra does it, it's almost somehow endearing?

To some people, at least.

"his name is matthew and my name is elektra natchios. you work for me now."

Plus she and Matt are just so DRAMATIC.

the cat is resurrected elektra and the guy is matt trying to bring her back and make her remember

Elektra @ Alexandra when she Couldn't Kill Matt

matt: under no circumstances are any of you to harm elektra defenders: she's trying to kill everyone in new york matt: matt: your point?

And that can be very affecting.

There are so many feelings to feel!

"And my name is Elektra Natchios" I 🗣 LOVE 🗣THIS 🗣BADASS 🗣

Make no mistake: Elektra Natchios will always leave a mark.

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