People Think Taylor Swift's Going To Take On Fake News With Her New Album

"Would not be surprised if Taylor Swift's new album had a song called 'Fake News.'"

Taylor Swift just announced her new album, Reputation. It's her first album in three years, her sixth ever — and it comes out Nov. 10.

She also released an image that many are assuming is the album cover for Reputation. It features Swift staring straight into the camera, with newsprint bearing her name all around her.

In the wake of the announcement and the release of the image, many took to social media to hypothesize that Swift is tying herself to the national conversation around "fake news."

Taylor Swift about to come for Fake News on this album

@AnthonyBLSmith / Twitter / Via Twitter: @AnthonyBLSmith

Taylor Swift's new album cover being a bunch of fake news was not expected.

@seanjwagner / Twitter / Via Twitter: @seanjwagner

Can my heart handle a potentially anti-media Taylor Swift album? As long as the words "fake news" aren't used, I'll…

@CeliaAmpel / Twitter / Via Twitter: @CeliaAmpel

Judging from the cover, Taylor Swift about to drop a hardcore hip hop record about the media and fake news 👀

@flexvangundy / Twitter / Via Twitter: @flexvangundy

Taylor Swift's #FakeNews era

@hanikhan / Twitter / Via Twitter: @hanikhan

Talented Taylor Swift finally breaking up with the fake news media! Fierce! #MakeTaylorSwiftAgain

@spenhenn / Twitter / Via Twitter: @spenhenn

Taylor Swift about to drop a fake news album god help us

@BrandyLJensen / Twitter / Via Twitter: @BrandyLJensen

Is Taylor Swift taking on the @nytimes and fake news????

@lindsayfg / Twitter / Via Twitter: @lindsayfg

A lot of people had the same joke.

Would not be surprised if Taylor Swift's new album had a song called "Fake News."

@HerbScribner / Twitter / Via Twitter: @HerbScribner

wait is taylor swift's new album about the "fake news" media

@MarlowNYC / Twitter / Via Twitter: @MarlowNYC

First single from Taylor Swift's new album will be called "Fake News."

@ryanbeckwith / Twitter / Via Twitter: @ryanbeckwith

Some people also theorized that Swift, who has not stated publicly who she voted for, might be a Donald Trump supporter. The pop star was largely silent about politics during the 2016 election, except for a now-deleted Instagram post urging people to "go out and VOTE."

Taylor Swift tracks 1. Snake It Off 2. Stop Saying I Voted For Trump 3. Celebrity (NSYNC cover) 4 The Media, Baby! 5. Ok Fine I Voted Trump

@zzzzaaaacccchhh / Twitter / Via Twitter: @zzzzaaaacccchhh

taylor swift — a probable trump supporter — using her album cover to attack the new york times..........

@mylestanzer / Twitter / Via Twitter: @mylestanzer

The funniest hypothetical I'm thinking about right now is Taylor Swift dropping her new album and it being called "Yes, I Voted For Trump"

@pattymo / Twitter / Via Twitter: @pattymo

Taylor Swift releasing an album complaining about the media is doing little to dispel my deeply held belief she voted for Trump.

@davpjor / Twitter / Via Twitter: @davpjor

V excited to hear Taylor Swift's new single, "I Voted for Trump"

@jkrizel / Twitter / Via Twitter: @jkrizel

taylor will admit she voted for trump on the new single I just know it

@slutology / Twitter / Via Twitter: @slutoIogy

Some blamed Swift's silence during the election for the way things turned out.

Remember when Taylor Swift helped Donald Trump get elected

@aguirreryan / Twitter / Via Twitter: @aguirreryan

I hear "So Sorry I Didn't Have The Ovaries To Use My Platform For Actual Good In The Most Important Election Of My…

@EmmyA2 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @EmmyA2

While others just straight-up compared Swift to Trump.

Taylor Swift most likely relates to Trump bc they both share a creepy Machiavellian desire for power and domination of enemies

@TheGrandDukeBB / Twitter / Via Twitter: @TheGrandDukeBB

This album will be the final piece of the Taylor Swift = Donald Trump puzzle.

@patrickk_del / Twitter / Via Twitter: @patrickk_del

Taylor Swift is the Donald Trump of music. She picks fights with everyone, her appeal is exclusively to white people, and it's vindictive

@jacobbeaupre / Twitter / Via Twitter: @jacobbeaupre

That Nov. 10 release date also gave people some chills.

Is time for me to log off. And why November 10, to mark one year of Trump... Haven't we suffered enough

@HonestFata / Twitter / Via Twitter: @HonestFata

Really, there is just so much to unpack here.

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