We Have To Talk About The Dany And Jon Shipping On "Game Of Thrones"


After seven seasons, Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow — arguably the FIRE and the ICE of A Song of Ice and Fire — have finally converged on Game of Thrones.

And obviously some important things are happening.

Including what could potentially be groundwork for, I don't know, a romance, or a friendship, or a politically-motivated engagement — or all of the above.

But if a romance and/or a marriage does happen...well, then we all eventually have to deal with the fact that DANY IS ALMOST DEFINITELY JON'S LITERAL AUNT.

And let's not put it past Game of Thrones, which has had, um, closer pairs than this get together.

But...uh, yeah, they're still very likely related.

And people have a lot of feelings. Some are curious...

Was it me or was Jon and Dany flirting a little bit in the Dragon Glass cave?

*Dany is Jon's aunt* Me: best thing ever! Unbelievable, fire and ice!! *Dany and Jon in a cave* Also me: 👀 #GameOfThrones

Some are definitely into it...

ALL I CARE ABOUT on #GoT and in general is Dany and Jon getting together AND I KNO SHES HIS AUNT OKAY

When I want Dany and Jon to make out but I remember she's technically his aunt #GameOfThronesS7 #DemThrones… https://t.co/isniZBZsdN

And others definitely are not.

I feel like Dany and Jon are definitely getting together but ew because you know the whole aunt thing 🤷🏾‍♀️… https://t.co/7ADRlnZ8VB

"Incest has always been a part of the Targaryen house." Yes because they were all forced to marry each other, Jon and Dany don't have to

ppl who ship jon and dany together when she's his aunt #GameOfThrones

Some just had jokes...

Jon gon lay Dany down just in time for Bran to show up like "Say CUZO, that's um....yeah, that's actually your aunt"

While others just saw a pretty handy solution, regardless of the bloodline.

Mad because Dany is Jon's aunt but if they get married the whole bend the knee to be allies thing figures itself out

So, we have to hash this out. It's time. Things will only get weirder from here...

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