We Talked To College Students About How It Feels To Be Muslim On Campus

"I'm optimistic, but ... I always have the assumption that people are not accepting of me."

This week on BuzzFeed podcast See Something Say Something, Ahmed and co-host Tabir Akhter interview two NYU freshmen about how it feels to be Muslim on campus right now.

One of the students, Romaissaa, is also a writer who recently published a New York Times piece titled "I'm Muslim, But My Roommate Supports Trump."

We talk to Romaissaa and Zainab about some of the realizations they had after Trump's victory.

Here's an excerpt of that conversation.

Listen to one of our young guests (19 years old!) talk about election day and how it felt.

We also ask them what it feels like to be visibly Muslim on campus.

In this week's episode of #SeeSomethingSaySomething, we talked to college students about being visibly Muslim on ca… https://t.co/fPSHgsZdHE

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