This Michigan Bar Doesn’t Serve Alcohol And Its First Night Was Packed

I'll have three, please.

Brillig Dry Bar is a new pop-up bar in Ann Arbor, Michigan, that doesn't serve alcohol.

Brillig is the brainchild of former chef Nic Sims, who runs the pop-up out of her husband's coffee shop. Sims told BuzzFeed News that she quit drinking over 20 years ago.

Some of the menu’s popular highlights include a Vernors Cranberry Sour, which represents Michigan's favorite ginger ale...

...a Brooklyn Egg Cream, which represents Sims' native city...

...and a Pomegranate-Rosemary Soda.

Sims also said that she realized the café could be turned into "a fun place on a weekend night without the ever-present TVs and alcohol in a bar."

The bar had its first night of service this past Friday and it was a smashing success.

Brillig's first customers included former drinkers, pregnant women, Muslims, teenagers, and college kids.

Sims has received some backlash, but insists the dry bar is not anti-alcohol.

Follow Brillig Dry Bar on Facebook and Twitter. The next pop-up is planned for Dec. 26.

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