What's The Connection Between Islam And Hip-Hop In America?

"A dope lyric over a tight beat? That's like an ayah."

Chances are, if you're a hip-hop fan, one of your favorite rappers is Muslim.

So this week on See Something Say Something, Ahmed talks to guests Dr. Su'ad Abdul-Khabeer and artist Salima Rah about the connection between Islam, race, and hip-hop.

Dr. Su'ad wrote this fascinating book, Muslim Cool: Race, Religion, and Hip-Hop In The United States, which helps make sense of why hip-hop holds such a special place for many American Muslims.

Take a listen to a sample of that conversation below.

I loved this moment in this week's episode where @DrSuad gets deep on her mom, the role of music in her childhood &… https://t.co/Qz3UNqBzFg

And check out some of Salima's music as well!

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Afterwards, Ahmed called up with Al-Ta'am, the two badass twin hijabi dancers from Mona Haydar's "Hijabi" video.

Listen to it all here:

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