I Explained Why I Don't Like Christmas On The New Episode Of "See Something Say Something"

*spoilers* It's a bit Grinch-y.

Listen guys, I've got something to confess. I don't love Christmas, okay? As a Muslim, we never celebrated it growing up.

So, I decided to complain about it on the new episode of See Something Say Something.

I've invited two of my friends to talk about why they like Christmas so much when I don't.

🙌🏾 @salimahfm on how growing up in America sometimes means accepting & embracing a non-Christian love for Christmas… https://t.co/CTpCtdP2Vj

Tanzila "Taz" Ahmed is a writer, activist, and co-host of the #GoodMuslimBadMuslim podcast. Salimah Fatimah Mohamed is a public health professional and my bestie. Both of them love the season.

We argue about a bunch of holiday things, like the biggest Christmas store in the world, Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland...

Another birds eye view of our store! So much to see and enjoy when u visit our Store 🎅🏻❤️☺️

...the mixtape Taz put out a few years ago, "Parathas For Santa...."

...and whether Love, Actually actually sucks or not.

Plus, we talk about Eid Elfs and Salimah's experience writing to "Eid Claus."

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