101 Times Is A Lot Of Times To Do A Thing!

This week, we celebrate 100 episodes of Another Round with crunk sea turtles, Obamarotica, and a joint, because why not.

On this week's episode of the Another Round podcast, we celebrate hitting the 101st episode mark!

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Yes, that is a completely appropriate size of wine glass for this occasion.

It feels just like yesterday, we were turning up in honor of the very first episode.

With bourbon, of course.

We've all been through so much together since then.

Stephanie Black

We've gotten the best advice from Stacy's Career Corner.

Never missed a twerk session opportunity.

And interviewed so many of your faves.

And more to come!

But this week, the tables are turned when Heben and Tracy interview each other and reflect on all of those memories.

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Heben shared some advice she picked up from *the* Lin-Manuel Miranda about keeping your next big move close to your chest.

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"Lin's basically quoting Robert Rodriguez's Rebel Without A Crew and he says, 'just don't let them know what your sophomore project is'...I'm trying to figure out what is a second area of interest for me that feels true to what I care about, but also isn't just 'someone threw some money at me and I'm just trying the next thing that is flashy.'"

Tracy talked about some of her little-known works of art like Obamarotica and her old Tumblr blog "Needlessly Crunk"

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She even performs one of her Needlessly Crunk bops in the episode, so don't miss the Grammy-worthy performance.

And they reminisced on the time they met the Obamas and everything was right in the world.

Listen here:

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