What Is Up With This Weird British Show?

We mean no harm, British friends, but we have some questions.

In this week's episode of the Another Round podcast, the show goes to London!

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We had some questions for our new British friends and their...interesting television viewing habits.

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We just wanna talk.

What is up with the show Embarrassing Bodies?

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Basically, a team of doctors go around the country and document what it's like to treat "bizarre" health conditions.

Why are we looking all up inside someone's bootyhole while children are still awake, England?!

Freemantle Media International / Via Twitter: @susan_wokoma

The show airs in the UK, but is available on Netflix in the U.S. if you're into this kind of stuff.

But then, amidst our incredulity, the good people of Twitter gave us some much needed real talk.

@brokeymcpoverty You should try watching celebrity juice too. American people I know we're so shocked at that progr… https://t.co/MUCoOzXerY

Via Twitter: @Jonesylufc88

So we're okay with guns and violence, but not okay with human bodies...? Might be a good time to reflect on our values as a nation.

Then we spoke to our new friend Bolu Babalola! She talked to us about killing it on Twitter, in fiction, and in academia.

Bolu Babalola

We also had a throwback moment where we talked about her obsession with the MTV show Made.

We were also joined by actress, style queen, and one of the funniest humans alive, Susan Wokoma.

Freemantle Media International / Via Twitter: @susan_wokoma

You may know her from shows like Chewing Gum or Crazyhead.

Susan spilled some tea (and we cried) about Crazyhead being cancelled and how she's moving forward.

New Line Cinema

She also told us why dating men in England is so trash.


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