The Blackest Thing You'll Ever Hear

Where else can you get Zane, Howard homecoming, and a fantasy spades draft in one place?

In this week's episode of Another Round, we basically hosted a black podcast family reunion.


We hung out in the stude with our friends Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings from the Gimlet podcast The Nod!

🔥 New episode 🔥 @thenodshow's @bmluse & @eeddings talk Howard homecoming, casseroles, & Zane:…

We talked about the things we learned about sex from literary legend Zane.

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And what Brittany and Eric learned in the first episode of their show from YouTube sex expert Glamazon Tyomi.

We played a game from The Nod called "Good For The Blacks."

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Is casserole good for the blacks? What about Kevin Hart? We gotta settle this, y'all.

Brittany and Eric gave us tips on how to have the best time at Howard homecoming, even if you didn't go to school there.

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"...Especially if you didn't go to Howard, I think you'll have a good time. The thing is, try to find the house parties, the club parties will rob you blind. It's just nice to be around a ton of black folks. Everybody's not there for something sad, it's not a candlelight vigil. It's just fun." – Eric Eddings

We also drafted who would be at the table during our dream spades game.


Jackee Harry and Ruby Dee would absolutely be there.

Listen to the episode here.

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