#StopTheParade Protesters Descend On New York's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Protesters with Ferguson on their minds and a high-profile incident with an NYPD officer that left Eric Garner dead, attempted to stop the parade. Police were unable to give BuzzFeed News an exact arrest figure.

Protesters tried to stop the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City after continued national anger with the decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson, who killed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson.

Hands up don't shoot #stoptheparade #BlackLivesMatter

The protesters also remembered a black Staten Island man, Eric Garner, who was approached by police, put in a chokehold and killed earlier this year.

Were moving hands up #stoptheparade #blacklivesmatter

#StopTheParade trended nationally on Twitter and this photoshopped image of a parade float was very popular.

#StopTheParade Is On The Move In Manhattan; Massive #NYPD Mobilization Underway - http://t.co/it8iCMlPY8

And this one too.

People keep saying these pictures r fake. OF COURSE they are! The real pics will be much more iconic. #StopTheParade

The NYPD made arrests but could not give BuzzFeed News an exact number as of Thursday morning.

NYPD have put at least four protesters in arrest wagon at Macy's parade.

There were a sizable number of protesters.

And to every last person more concerned about the parade than the cause... You will NEVER silence us. #stoptheparade

It's happening #BlackLivesMatter #StopTheParade

And there is video of the arrests.

View this video on YouTube


View this video on YouTube


Protestors chanting "hands up, don't shoot!" at the #stoptheparade march @nypmetro

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