9 Immigration Questions That Sanders And Clinton Haven't Been Asked In The Democratic Debate

While Republicans debate immigration at length in their debates, moderators for the Democratic debates have mostly left immigration — one of the most controversial and central issues of this cycle — aside.

Last week, Republicans debated immigration policy at length — a frequent feature of the party's debates over the last year. Meanwhile, Democrats have not discussed immigration during their last two debates.

But immigration remains one of — if not the — defining issue of this election cycle. The Republicans have moved rightward; the Democrats have moved leftward. And there are major policy differences between not just the two parties, but within them.

Left unasked are questions like the following ones, drawn from conversations with operatives close to each campaign, as well as advocates and leaders who work with business, faith, tech, labor, and undocumented immigrant groups.

1. Clinton and Sanders have said they would go further on executive actions on immigration if Congress will not work on a legislative solution. But Obama's latest actions are stuck in court. How can they go farther than Obama? How will they work with GOP?

2. Clinton has said she would stop taking donations from lobbyists for the private prison business, and donated $8,600 in contributions to charity. But what about the money bundled by a former lobbyist for the industry?

3. Sanders' plans on various issues have been accused of being unrealistic. Specifically, how would he bring back deported immigrants? How would he give health care to undocumented immigrants?

4. How would Sanders and Clinton fix the legal immigration system?

5. In the past, Sanders has opposed temporary worker policies included in major immigration plans on Capitol Hill. Where does he stand on legal immigration? Does increased legal immigration hurt the American worker?

6. Clinton came out against Obama's immigration raids in the new year, but in 2014 said many Central American minors who crossed the border should be sent back. Which direction would she favor as president?

7. Will either Sanders or Clinton commit to making immigration one of their first priorities on their domestic agenda?

8. and 9. BONUS: Martin O'Malley edition!

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