Hillary Clinton, The Liberal?

Episode 4 of No One Knows Anything: The BuzzFeed Politics Podcast, looks at the moments Clinton surprised Democrats and activists by being to the left of what they expected, including an overlooked but effective moment in the primary on immigration.

Hillary Clinton had previously backpedaled on driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants in 2008 and supported returning unaccompanied minors who crossed the border in 2014 back to Central America.

This angered immigration activists and lowered expectations for for how much she would support their issues during her 2016 run. Then a shocking thing happened.

At a high school library, only 10 months after she said the children should be sent back, Clinton presented a broadly liberal vision on immigration, pledging to go further than Obama had through executive actions.

The Clinton campaign made a calculation that it would need to run more progressive on certain issues in the current climate in Democratic politics — to gain support, sure, but also to lessen damaging protests.

We talked to Astrid Silva, a DREAMer activist who walked into the room skeptical, but left wooed by Clinton's message, and would eventually endorse her.

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