Dutch Teenager Who Tweeted Threat At American Airlines Freed After Brief Arrest

Updated: The teen was freed shortly after being arrested by the Rotterdam police. Her Twitter account has since been deleted.

Update — April 15, 2:25 p.m. ET:

The Rotterdam police said that the Dutch teen was released Tuesday, April 15, after an initial court hearing.

American Airlines Twitter threat: Dutch girl released pending further enquiries. #Rotterdam #Police #Force

Dutch police had arrested the teenager Monday after she tweeted threats to American Airlines is in custody.

Dutch girl (14) from Rotterdam arrested after American Airlines threat. Investigation continues. #Rotterdam #Police #Force @americanair

An official spokesperson told Business Insider:

We're not in a state that we can communicate any state of charges at this point, we just thought it was neccessary to bring this out mostly because of the fact that it caused a great deal of interest on the Internet.

Twitter's Guidelines for Law Enforcement say user information may be turned over "if there is an exigent emergency that involves the danger of death or serious physical injury to a person that Twitter may have information necessary to prevent."

On Sunday, a 14-year-old named Sarah tweeted the following:

@AmericanAir hello my name's Ibrahim and I'm from Afghanistan. I'm part of Al Qaida and on June 1st I'm gonna do something really big bye

She deleted the initial tweet on Sunday. Her entire account has since disappeared from Twitter. Twitter would not comment on whether it had removed the account and referred BuzzFeed to its Guidelines for Law Enforcement.

American Airlines was not amused.

@queendemetriax_ Sarah, we take these threats very seriously. Your IP address and details will be forwarded to security and the FBI.

American Airlines deleted its tweet.

Sarah tried to backtrack.

@AmericanAir I'm so sorry I'm scared now

@AmericanAir I was joking and it was my friend not me, take her IP address not mine

@AmericanAir I was kidding pls don't I'm just a girl pls

@AmericanAir and I'm not from Afghanistan

@seizeavons @AmericanAir yes I'm too young to go to jail

@seizeavons @AmericanAir yeah I know, and my parents are gonna kill me if I tell them this omg pls

She made decent points.

@Callanch_ @AmericanAir I'm 14 I can't control a plane

And others that were not so good.

@AmericanAir I'm just a fangirl pls I don't have evil thoughts and plus I'm a white girl

I always wanted to be famous, but I meant like Demi Lovato famous, not Osama bin laden famous

A Twitter public policy employee said American Airlines wouldn't have the information it was purportedly sending over to authorities in the first place.

@neetzan @QueenDemetriax_ But @AmericanAir doesn't have the IP addresses and "details" of accounts that mention them on Twitter.

Regardless, one user pretty much captured why this was a bad idea in the first place.

@sleepinnock @AmericanAir it's not about race or age. It's about being a moron and making threats against people's lives.

The trouble Sarah seems to have gotten herself into has not deterred dozens of copycat tweeters.

@AmericanAir I have a bomb under the next plane to take off

@Politie_Rdam @YourAnonCentral @AmericanAir release her or I'll bomb your HQ. you gonna arrest me now?

BuzzFeed reached out to Sarah for comment on Sunday, but received no response.

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