Clinton Campaign Uses Trump's Deportation Comments In Cinco De Mayo Video

The video shows Trump doubling down on his immigration comments ahead of the general election.

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Hillary Clinton's campaign released a new bilingual video highlighting Donald Trump's controversial deportation policy, including him repeating it again after his Republican opponents dropped out, arguing that the presumptive nominee is doubling down on his immigration positions.

The video, released on Cinco de Mayo, which honors a famous Mexican battle, takes the campaign's recent approach to the Trump candidacy: that he is too "risky" and a "loose cannon." The Clinton campaign said he is too big of a risk "for our country and our families by doubling down on harsh deportation policies that would tear millions of immigrant families apart."

The ad comes a year to the day after Clinton held a roundtable with young DREAMer activists brought to the country as children and laid out a liberal vision on immigration that went beyond President Obama's executive actions.

The event served her well in the primary as she was able to get out in front in an election dominated by immigration early, and will amount to a significant contrast with Trump's immigration plans — unless either of them softens their positions in the general.

On this May 5, Clinton is holding an organizing event with Latinos in East Los Angeles, where an aide said she will again talk Trump and immigration.

UPDATE: Trump also had a Cinco de Mayo message

Happy #CincoDeMayo! The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill. I love Hispanics!

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