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This 185-Pound Sea Creature Will Haunt Your Dreams

Why does it exist?

Posted on August 2, 2013, at 3:14 p.m. ET

Bebe McElroy was at a Louisiana fishing competition when she caught this creature — a stingray — from the depths of the ocean.

The modern-day sea monster weighs in at 185 pounds and, once certified by the Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association, will destroy the record held by the 141-pound stingray caught in 2004 by Hunter Andras.

"For years, Vic and I have been catching these stingrays and bringing them to various rodeos for miscellaneous largest fish," McElroy said. "People were scared to death of them; they wouldn't get within 10 feet of a little bitty stingray. It's not going to hurt you."

Fearless in the face of a Kraken.

If that's not enough, this is the third massive sea demon McElroy has caught since July 10. The other two weighed in at 133 pounds and 152 pounds. (The 152-pound monster, also was a potential record-breaker but had not been certified yet.)

She said she's been trying to catch a giant stingray like this for 30 years.

"It was so much fun. I get all excited. I get verklempt just talking about it. But, it was just a thrill of a lifetime."