Artists Paint Over Famous Door In Puerto Rico Because Of Island's Financial Crisis

"Puerto Rico is in mourning," said the owner of the property, explaining the artist's message.

The student artists who painted a vibrant door over three years ago that became a tourist destination returned on July 4 to paint it black and white. The reason? Because of the financial crisis they feel the U.S. has ignored.

Despierta el sarcasmo el cambio a “La Puerta de la Bandera”: #PeroQueNoPintenLaPuerta

“Puerto Rico is in mourning," said the owner of the property describing the artist's message in El Nuevo Dia, adding that Puerto Ricans don't feel in control of their future as an American territory. "What I experienced this morning when I saw the flag is that Puerto Rico is powerless in its current situation."

President Obama signed the PROMESA bill, which gives a federal control board oversight over Puerto Rico. The action has angered many Puerto Ricans who feel the island's status as a territory is clearer than ever.

As anger over the painted flag on the door grew, a hashtag trended in Puerto Rico with users listing the island's ailments but adding sarcastically, "But don't paint the door."

Que sigan las injusticias,que siga la corrupción en el pueblo y la gente no haga nada #PeroQueNoPintenLaPuerta

"Keep nailing us like a colony."

Que nos sigan clavando como colonia #PeroQueNoPintenLaPuerta

"Our electric bills are going to go up."

Nos van a subir la luz #PeroQueNoPintenLaPuerta

Que nos maltraten, censuren, y nos desprecien #PeroQueNoPintenLaPuerta La bandera ya no significa nada...

The sarcasm and gallows humor culminated Wednesday with a reggaeton song by Luis Emmanuel Pérez that had 23,000 views in four hours, where he lamented the lost selfies that won't be taken in front of the door.

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