The Latino Issue Of "The Economist" Features Chiles, Stereotypes

The Economist fell back on clichéd imagery to promote their special report on the rise and importance of Latinos in the U.S. Let's try a bit harder next time.

You may have seen The Economist on newsstands lately and noted they have a special report out on Latinos in America.

You may have also noticed the American flag on the cover of this week's issue which replaced the red stripes with chili peppers.

Yes, even though the report warned politicians to stop treating Latinos as a "single-issue group," in particular when it comes to immigration, the magazine relied on a dated stereotype to encapsulate the country's diverse Hispanic population.

The article was mostly positive about Latinos in the U.S., describing them a growing population that will keep the country's labor force young and industrious while its global competitors continue to grey out.

But it was the cover that was raising eyebrows on Twitter:

Today's US cover of The Economist is hilarious. Usual reminder of my shortcomings w/ respct to being a fiery Latina.

I'm sure I'll be condemned as PC...but this cover by The Economist is just crap. Grow up.

Wow. The Economist's front cover is a total fail.

Por favor! If this is the cover Economist issue on Latino issues,what can we expect of its content? #stereotypes101

Not to be outdone, they also have a separate cover out on China — featuring a dragon.

This week we have two different regional versions of our cover March 14th – 20th 2015

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