People Are Really Enjoying This Image Showing Donald Trump's Clothing Made In Mexico

A bad week for the Donald.

This photo of a Donald Trump clothing line shows it was manufactured in Mexico.

The image is from this woman's Facebook post.

Trump has been blasted for derogatory comments he made about Mexicans when he announced he's running for president. Univision, NBC, and now Macy's, where his clothing was sold, have dropped Trump.

Some people modified the photo.

Made a few changes to your picture @Carrasquillo #donaldtrump #mexican

In a statement he issued Wednesday after Macy's dropped his clothing line, Trump said he has “never been happy” about his clothes being made abroad.

Still, people feel that image says it all.

BuzzFeed News spoke with Gabriel Sanchez, who posted the original photo.

Facebook: ItsGabrielSanchez

Sanchez told BuzzFeed New he was surprised to see the photo of his suit take off like it did.

“I’m still amazed at the reach and how this happened,” said Sanchez, who works in communications in Los Angeles.

The third generation Mexican-American was on a train from Orange County to Downtown LA when he looked at the tag inside his suit. Sanchez thought about looking days before, thinking it would be funny if it was made in China or Mexico.

“I took a look and I was floored,” he said. “It captured the whole tension and showed Trump’s hypocrisy.”

Sanchez said he bought the double-vented suit a year ago at Macy’s. He never had a need to wear it until he started a new job recently.

Some people told him they couldn’t believe he owned a Trump suit, others asked if he plans on burning it. The 43-year-old said has no plans to burn the suit he paid about $400 for.

He hopes the picture sparked a conversation about the importance of words.

“What you say matters, it has an impact,” Sanchez said. “We have freedom of speech, that’s why I love America, but you don’t have freedom from consequences.”

Still, Trump’s ratings have gone up in New Hampshire and Iowa, crucial primary states for the presidential hopeful.

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