Pence Said "You Whipped Out That Mexican Thing" And Twitter Was All Over It

The comment prompted the creating of #ThatMexicanThing and a website that reroutes to Clinton's website.

During Tuesday's vice presidential debate Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton's running mate, repeatedly brought up Donald Trump's statements about Mexicans being rapists and brining crime to the US.

Mike Pence had had enough.

"Senator, you whipped out that Mexican thing again," Pence said to Kaine.

The comment prompted the creation of #ThatMexicanThing and a website,, which reroutes to Clinton’s website. Another site encourages Latinos to vote.

"@politico:"Senator, you whipped out that Mexican thing again" " #thatmexicanthing?

People used the hashtag to highlight the contributions and sacrifices of Latinos.

#ThatMexicanThing was my dad working in the fields from age 8 to help feed his family

#ThatMexicanThing is when my immigrant parents opened their home and hearts to central american refugee kids

#thatMexicanthing puts food on your table. @GovPenceIN

#ThatMexicanThing when my little sister joined the army to SERVE AND PROTECT our country!

#ThatMexicanThing se levanta muy temprano para ir a trabajar y pagar taxes @LeonKrauze @NU34LA

#ThatMexicanThing is being brave enough to leave everyone you've ever known to make a better life for your family #ImWithHer

#ThatMexicanThing where we value an honest day of work yet have to fear that our loved ones might be deported on their way to/from work

#ThatMexicanThing are my parents leaving 🇲🇽 60+yrs ago to work as farmworkers in #NewMexico & give my 5 siblings & I a better life.

#ThatMexicanThing where your dad teaches you that NO MAN has the right to control my thoughts or my body and I am ALWAYS worthy of love.

Mexican-American cartoonist and writer Lalo Alcaraz also called on Latinos to vote.

Please share my cartoon #WhipOutThatMexicanThingAgain

As well as share the accomplishments of Latinos.

Dr. Francisco Jiménez was given the Steinbeck Literature Award last week. From working in fields to Columbia Colleg…

Here's a picture of one of my friends doing #ThatMexicanThing aka graduating from college! #VPDebate #Pencedejo

Others couldn't help but make a few jokes

#ThatMexicanThing Pence: "You whipped out that Mexican thing again..."

No Google. I did not mean that at all. #thatmexicanthing #VPDebate

Between #thatMexicanthing and #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner I can't wait for my gente to throw down w our votes. Goodnight! 💪🏽

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