This Cat Enjoying A Spa Day Is How Relaxed I Plan To Be For The Rest Of 2021

"May you fight for your peace this week with the same determination as Chase the cat."

A viral clip of a cat and its owner enjoying a relaxing spa day might just be one of the purest things online right now.

Cat mom Fifi Furrha, along with her husband Kareem Khalil, runs the Instagram and TikTok account @DontStopMeowing for their three cats, Skye, Chase, and Millie, who have become internet stars.

"When we started our channel last year during quarantine, we didn't expect it to take off the way that it did," Furrha told BuzzFeed News. "But we found ourselves being at home and spending a lot more time with our cats, and as we grew our social media, we also fell in, like, mad love. We are super attached to them.”

In the spa day TikTok, which has now been viewed more than 50 million times, Furrha walks in on her husband and Chase having the ultimate relaxation session — complete with soothing music and cucumbers slices on their eyes.

“What caught me by surprise [was] to find how much Chase was enjoying it,” said Furrha, who initially attempted to put an end to the pamper day.

“He really, really liked sitting on the bed with the cucumbers on his eyes, and it put him to sleep. I was like, What? This is crazy,” she added.

While the scene was created for content, the 28-year-old said their cats do in fact live the good life, most especially Chase, who she describes as their resident influencer.

“They are super spoiled. They have their own little room and patio. They get to go outdoors in enclosed areas," she said. "They're super pampered, and they've got lots of toys. People are always sending them toys.”

Ironically, Furrha shared that when she adopted the first cat, Skye, back in 2017, her then-fiancé Khalil was not a fan.

“At the time he pretty much did not like cats. He was like, ‘Oh, when we move in together, I don't know if we can keep her,’" she said. "As the months rolled by, he [has] grown so close to her.”

Since welcoming Skye into the family, the couple from Irvine, California, rescued Chase in 2019 and then in 2020, Millie, a one-eyed cat who had challenges finding a family.

“I definitely think Chase is an influencer. I mean, his first viral video hit about a little over 20 million views,” Furrha said.

“At that point, a lot of people started recognizing him from social media. He used to be the cat who was in love with Millie; now he's the spa day cat. He's had a number of videos blow up in the past. Chase is filled with personality. I sometimes believe the cat has been reincarnated. Like, he's lived a past life.”

Between the two adults in the household, Furrha considers herself the disciplinarian while Khalil is the favorite, who is known to spoil their cats.

“I'm the disciplined one. I do the discipline whereas he'll give them treats all day, constantly. They get their way with him for sure, so he's for sure the preferred parent — there's no question about it.”

Not to leave anyone out, in a follow-up TikTok, the couple treated all three cats to a pamper session. Just like Chase, Millie and Skye also hilariously proved to be big fans of a relaxing afternoon.

“All three of them fell asleep to the soft music playing and the cucumbers on their eyes, and they were just knocked out and they were chilling for a good while. I was like, What is this?

On Twitter, the clip has been just as popular with more than 13 million views and nearly 600K likes.

People are seriously impressed by just how well Chase plays the part.

If this was staged, the cat deserves an Oscar.

Twitter: @LikoClave

An early contender for the Best Short Film Oscar 👍🏼

Twitter: @scottdagostino

It is serving as a major inspiration for self-care.

Everyone needs a spa day 😇

Twitter: @For_Butlers

May you fight for your peace this week with the same determination as Chase the cat. 😌

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And promotional material for why everyone should get a cat.

My urge to get a cat is growing

Twitter: @seeker_abyss

Yea bro, imma need me a cat 😂😂

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But more importantly, it’s just cute, wholesome internet content — and you can never have too much of that.

The perfect cat video doesn’t exi-

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This is my favorite video on the internet

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