Here Are The Funniest And Most Emotional Tweets About The Potential End Of Twitter

"This wasn't just a hell site, it was a hell home." 🫡

Twitter as we know it could be over, but not before its millions of daily users bid one final chaotic farewell.

The continued fallout at Twitter HQ appeared to signal that the platform had finally reached breaking point, and many of its active users are preparing for the worst.

As reported by the BBC, Twitter employees were informed that the offices would be temporarily closed, with all badge accesses suspended, effective immediately, and would reopen on Nov. 21.

The announcement came following several high-profile resignations in response to new owner Elon Musk’s ultimatum of work "long hours at high intensity" or leave. Outgoing employees said their goodbyes on the platform using the hashtag #LoveWhereYouWorked and a saluting emoji.

If you weren’t one of the nearly 200,000 people tuned into the Twitter Space hosted by BuzzFeed News’ Katie Notopoulos, you were probably crying and laughing at some of the best farewell tweets and shameless plugs as people began directing followers to their accounts on other platforms.

Some eulogized the app, which is often credited for providing a vital platform for marginalized voices, definitive news breaking, broadcasting career-making opportunities, and 21st-century love connections formed by sliding into DMs. Twitter is this and much more.

Here are some of the best goodbyes.

It has truly been an honor.

It’s been a pleasure tweeting with y’all for the past 13 years. #RIPTwitter

Twitter: @OhHELLNawl
Twitter: @ewgraiam
Twitter: @penguvn

Me looking back at my three followers one last time since Twitter about to shut down #RIPTwitter #TwitterDown

Twitter: @JuanCafecito

If Twitter really is gone tomorrow, it was a pleasure being here ✌🏻 #RIPTwitter

Twitter: @Brevlada24

Through the chaos, Twitter was the place to be.

This wasn't just a hell site, it was a hell home

Twitter: @lollyrots
Twitter: @IWriteAllDay_

Ugh, end of an era. #RIPTwitter

Twitter: @_psiloveju

JUST IN CASE this site goes down, my name is Walter Hartwell White. I live at 308 Negra Arroya Lane, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87104. To all law enforcement entities, this is not an admission of guilt. I am speaking to my family now. #RIPTwitter #GoodByeTwitter

Twitter: @roccodaboi

Many are patiently waiting to see how long the platform can survive. We have a poll going, so feel free to cast your vote.

Not now sweetie. Mommy's refreshing her timeline to see if Twitter's still alive. #RIPTwitter

Twitter: @CasIsLoved

- every time I hit refresh & it still works.

Twitter: @therobmilton

Me checking twitter every 5 seconds to make sure it’s still here #RIPTwitter #GoodByeTwitter #TwitterDown

Twitter: @wanizubair26

And others have started to think about life beyond Twitter.

Me choosing what apps to use when twitter shuts down #RIPTwitter

Twitter: @smthrandomaf

Me and the homies trying to figure out how Pinterest work

Twitter: @Kofie

Hopefully, we will be welcomed with open arms.

Twitter: @tumblr

Except for Facebook.

girl i’ll pull out the feather quill and ink before i go back to fucking facebook bffr

Twitter: @shaTIRED

But there are those who refuse to go down quietly.

we gotta keep twitters heart pumping QUICK if ur on a date and the man opens the door but the woman pays the bill but her baby father only bought HIS kid mcdonald’s bc her plates were low vibrational and the baby is the grandma WHAT is your body count?!

Twitter: @cursedhive

Ex-Twitter employees pitching investors next week. #RIPTwitter

Twitter: @dimeford
Twitter: @AsapFungaI

At least we'll have the memories.

‘There once was this app called Twitter, they used to run moaning competitions in spaces’

Twitter: @dbcxptures

we tweeted… we circled… and boy did we space…

Twitter: @girls4bats

Me telling my grandkids about an awesome app called Twitter in 2060 #RIPTwitter #GoodByeTwitter #TwitterDown

Twitter: @headupagain
Twitter: @MatthewACherry


Guys. i just want you to know In Every Lifetime We Will Be Oomfs. our oomflationships transcend space and time. . . . .

Twitter: @LOKA_lLOKANA

Me telling my kids about all my Twitter mutuals

Twitter: @ZoKnowsBall

Most importantly, make your declarations of love today. You might not get the chance tomorrow.

Twitter: @canaryyblue

Or you might, and this entire thing could just be a bit cringe.

Us tomorrow when Twitter is still up and running

Twitter: @normalmadeline

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