Online Trolls Tried To Shame This OnlyFans Creator But It Backfired Majorly

“I wonder how many people who mocked me publicly also subscribed to me privately.”

An OnlyFans creator whom people attempted to troll has shared how the viral moment instead pushed her further up the platform's ranking and increased her earnings like never before.

In her initial tweet, 23-year-old Sofie Halili, known online as @literallysofie, critiqued men who believed that they were entitled to sex because they covered the bill on a date. She wrote on Twitter: “men who expect sex from a girl cuz they paid for diner: you think i’m worth 60 dollars???????”

In response, another Twitter user created a side-by-side of Sophie’s tweet with a screenshot of her OnlyFans subscription page and suggested she was “worth $15.”

The rebuttal which she described as “dehumanizing” was shared far and wide on various platforms.

“There were multiple posts going around," she told BuzzFeed News. "People were sending me links to tweets, Reddit posts, Instagram, and Facebook meme pages. Some people thought I was ‘owned’ by these memes. I guess they think seeing someone's nudes and having sex with them are the same thing?

“The joke was like ‘bitch is worth $15,’ which is really dehumanizing and devalues my labor and job. It's also incorrect. Most of my subscribers are resubscribers, and the money I make on OF versus the amount of effort and time it actually takes on my part really puts into perspective how far my ‘price’ actually goes.”

this got reposted all over reddit, instagram etc and i'm getting so many subs from it 😭😭😭 literally rent free advertising 😇💗

The content creator recently relocated to New York and explained that she joined the subscription platform in 2019 to cover the costs of gender affirmation surgeries, before discovering how lucrative it could be.

“I originally just wanted to save up for gender-affirming surgeries because they're really expensive and not covered by insurance," she said. "It would take me years to earn that much money from an in-real-life job, so something that can get lucrative really fast felt like my only option if I wanted to get surgeries before I was 25. At some point, my OnlyFans started paying me better than my sugar daddy. Posting nudes is way easier, so I ghosted my sugar daddy.”

Sofie shared that while the moment was intended to shame her, it instead had the opposite effect.

“The funniest part is how the memes blew up my OnlyFans and I'm making more money than ever," she said. "My income this month is triple last month’s. There's a ‘top’ percentage system based on how much money you make, and when the meme was posted I was in the top 1.2% of creators, but at the time of writing this, I'm in the top 0.57% of creators. That's a huge amount of growth. Since it's all anonymous, I wonder how many people who mocked me publicly also subscribed to me privately.”

Off the back of this latest online experience, Sofie had additional criticisms on the way women’s bodies are perceived and the standards they were held to, specifically by men.

“I think overall, men just have a weird skewed perception of women's bodies, and they value us based on our perceived ‘purity,'" she said. "It's a really archaic and misogynistic way to view us. It's kind of like once a girl sells nudes or does anything related to sex work, she's ‘tainted’ or ‘impure.’ It's really gross and I hope they get the help they need."

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