This Degree Blanket Is The Gift That Every Graduate Needs In Their Life

"Your degree won't keep you warm at night though." It will now!

Meet Kynnith Francis, a 24-year-old from New York who recently earned her master's in student affairs administration from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

To celebrate her graduation, Francis's mom decided to get her the perfect gift: a blanket with her degree printed on it — and now everybody wants one.

My mom turned my Masters degree into a blanket. “yOuR dEgReE wOnt KeEp yOu wArM aT NiGhT tHoUgH.” NOW it will, you lil bitch.


Francis told BuzzFeed News that the blanket was inspired by a Kanye West reference she made to her mom over a year ago.

Some people online also caught the reference.

@blahblahSPEAK @DoThe_Creep “You know what’s gonna keep me warm ? That’s right those degrees.”

Firstly, how incredible is her mom?

@blahblahSPEAK 😲 that was an amazing idea and so thoughtful of your mom!!! 😃 I love this! 💜

@blahblahSPEAK This some next level shit 😂😭🙏🏾

Some people have suggested how multipurpose this blanket is.

@blahblahSPEAK Me walking around in summer in my degree blanket just to make a point while nearly dying of heat stroke.

@blahblahSPEAK Now you have a cover when you go homeless trying to pay your student loans... Lol jk Congrats.

@blahblahSPEAK You could wear it like a cape @ClaireSewell

@blahblahSPEAK @_mellowlifee Hope some1 in my country snatches this idea.... Imagine picknicks on a degree 😁😁😁

Her post has not only got people hunting for their own but also sparked some really important conversations about what it takes to get through school and life on the other side.

@blahblahSPEAK @4everResist @jwheels74 I really needed to read those last sentences right now because I'm trying to apply for "practical experience" work placements/internships as part of my MA and it's just...soul crushing. You're a star and an MA in Education is crazy impressive, congrats ❤

@blahblahSPEAK @externalghost @4everResist @jwheels74 This positivity really made me smile. I was struggling to find good work, but slowly I'm sorting it. I send good vibes to everyone

Francis said that she has secured a graduate job at the University of West Georgia and that she plans to keep the blanket in the family.

Our sentiments exactly.

@skida_ @blahblahSPEAK Good Lord I have never needed something more in my life.... And ill need a second for my CPA when applicable.

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